Yoga can be seen as an art, a science and a discipline

It works closely with the elements. The earth keeps us grounded, supported and protected, water: helping us flow through life and deal with our emotions, fire: burning away negativity and toxins and air, giving us vitality and strength.

I teach Hatha Yoga which means sun and moon and we need both the masculine of the sun and the feminine of the moon to give us a happy balance. I strongly believe in our connection to the sun, moon, rainbows, trees, flowers and animals which all reflects in Yoga Asanas (postures).

By regularly practicing postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation all mindfully, with awareness , yoga can magically guide us towards a more blissful state, enhancing our lives, the essence of yoga.

I have now started to integrate Yin Yoga into my classes. Yin yoga is a passive form of yoga working on connective tissues and blood flow. The poses are mainly seated and held for longer periods giving yourself time to tune into your body and breath on a deeper level. It is very good for improving flexibility, and is calming for the mind. It is like acupressure, as it works on the meridians ( energy channels ) of the body clearing debris. It is such a peaceful, relaxing form of yoga and everyone really enjoys it. Even practicing Yin Yoga a few times changes your yoga practice making you more aware and thoughtful.

I hold regular Yin retreats   at The Crowne Plaza, Gerrards Cross . Please call to enquire tel : 07809461395

My Classes

Before my students arrive, I ensure the room is clean. Cleanliness is very important in Yoga - it's one of Patanjalis Sutras.

I like to create a peaceful atmosphere, so I light a delicately scented candle and bring fresh flowers and make a little shrine in the middle of the room.

When I teach, I tell a story, nearly always having a theme throughout. At the beginning, we relax and limber up; in the middle is the core practice and the end is feeling the effect by breathing, meditating, relaxing and imaginative visualisations.

By the end, the whole class feels at peace.

Advice for students

  • Wear loose or stretchy, comfortable clothing 
  • Bring a Yoga mat
  • Some people like to bring a blanket to the class to keep warm in the cool down phase of the class and for comfort in some postures
  • Try not to eat a large meal less than two hours before class. If you are hungry, have something light like an oatcake or piece of fruit.

Yoga is fun so enjoy the class, work to your own limits - there is no competition or good or bad.


With love and light Natasha xxx